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A Moment of Reflection: Travel

Today has been a harrowing day and yet in this moment I find a moment of forced pause to consider recent events. Last week I took a trip with my parents to Orlando, FL. I had not been there in over a decade and honestly could not recall what it had been like to ever fly into its airport. Being the germaphobe anti-social person that I am I was immediately taken by the many people who coughed, sneezed, and were out in public. While most of the people I saw were in the Atlanta airport, I did feel like everywhere that I touched or came in contact with could give me some sort of disease. Am I strange in my fear of being sick? My brother says that I’m a┬áhypochondriac however, I seemingly get sick at the drop of a hat. If I am sneezed upon or in the general area of someone who is ill I will catch it or something worse within a day or two of exposure. I certainly don’t think that that’s being a hypochondriac.

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Social Networking Abstinence Week

I’ve dubbed this week my Social Networking Abstinence Week. Why? Because much like taking a shower or brushing my teeth, it’s become something that is among the long list of things I feel I’m to do in the day. At times I feel like being on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+ is like a second job. It can be quite exhausting and I just needed a break. I assure you that it’s not forever.

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