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The End of Mail as We Know It

In today’s Web Wednesday posting for our library’s website I presented the piece below. However, the posting here has a little bit extra!

In an article posted today on The Charlotte Observer’s website the headline reveals that the US Postal Service is “headed for financial ruin.” It should come as no surprise that this is yet another victim of the US economic situation. However, as a very government-regulated entity saving itself is no easy task. According to the Postmaster General, the USPS “should eliminate Saturday delivery, close thousands of local post offices, restructure its health plan and lay off 120,000 workers to survive.” Failure to restructure the USPS would be catastrophic. Unable to pay its bills and likely to be very dangerously in the red (over $10 billion), the centuries-old institution is but the latest casualty of not only the economic times but also of the changes in technology and today’s way of life.

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When Good Days Are Rare

It’s been an odd week for me. My mood has been virtually unnatural. I’ve been excited about life. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that that’s not normal, it’s just not normal for someone like myself. I have struggled and suffered with depression most of my life. Medication for my depression entered the picture when I was going through my divorce at the age of twenty-two and has since been ever-present.

There seems to be less of a stigma nowadays regarding depression than there was in the past. Arguably, the same can be said for other ‘issues.’ Society seems to be becoming more accepting of the way people are. Yes accepting, not merely becoming tolerant. I don’t like the word tolerant. To say that we tolerate people’s differences seems to imply that it’s something we really don’t want to do. It’s like saying, ‘yeh, you’re not the same as me but I acknowledge your existence and how you are.’ Rather, to become more accepting we open ourselves up to understanding, appreciating and even being able to relate to how others may feel.

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Flu, Flu, Go Away!

I came home early today as I was under the weather. Some (my brother) may call me a hypochondriac but the reality is that I seem to be the type where once someone around me is sick, I’m sure to get it in record time. That appears to be the case now. I think that my immune system is just really bad. Granted it’s cold and flu season I am horrible at being sick. Yes, I know, no one enjoys being sick. But in my case my already annoying neediness at home becomes worse. It’s like I’m making up for not getting enough attention as a child. I assure you, I was well loved.

Yesterday everything was fine. I went to work feeling like my usual un-cheerful self. By midday I was feeling ill. My throat repeatedly filled with phlegm and my head started to ache. By the time my alarm went off this morning my body was almost in full rebellion. The warm shower this morning did help as well as the soothing cup of Caramel Creme from Starbucks but it wasn’t long before the initial dose of azithromycin (commonly called a Z-pack) seemed to be wearing off and my symptoms were returning. I sat infront of my computer monitor and frowned. Why is there never a convenient time to get sick? And why was I sick only a week after getting my controversial flu shot?

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Library Fair, a Milledgeville Tradition

It’s been 30 years since Milledgeville’s first Library Fair. It was September 1981 and now September 2011 continues the one Milledgeville tradition you can count on. Not much has changed since the first Fair. You’ll still find Youth Services Coordinator Anne Moore at the event plus a number of other favorites. And the Fair’s proceeds still go to the Friends of the Library who provides supplemental funding to the Library. If you’ve never been or are a repeat attender, you don’t want to miss this year’s event. The Library Fair is Saturday, September 24, 2011 from 9am to 2pm at the Mary Vinson Memorial Library in downtown Milledgeville.

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Library Fair: Can They Count On You?

This year marks the 31st Annual Library Fair. And in today’s economic climate it’s important to find a wholesome fun-filled event for everyone. From its famous book sale to its food and entertainment, the Library Fair is where you want to be on Saturday, September 24, 2011. Proceeds benefit the Friends of the Library organization who assists in supplementing the library’s budget, especially its children’s programming. If you haven’t already visited the library’s website, you’ll want to do so in order to see an up-to-the-minute listing of sponsors, donors, events, and more.

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