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A Season of Thanks

It’s again that time of year where we start to reflect on the entirety of the year. I find that for someone who struggles with depression it can be quite easy to forget about the things that went right when it’s stacked up against the overwhelming Eeyore-type feelings. It’s just easier to think on the list of things that seemed to go wrong and in doing so we barely acknowledge or even realize that there were in fact some warm and sunny days.

My husband and I are now living with my parents until we save up enough to pay off some debt and see about buying our “forever house.” Trust me, the situation is just as odd for me as it would be for any adult child and their spouse. However, I am finding that the warmth and comfort of home hasn’t changed and that living with my parents as an adult compared to when I was a child is much more than I thought it could or would be. There’s something nice knowing that mom and dad (and my grandmother) are all close by. Since I belong to an island family, the living arrangement is more common than it may be here in the States. That isn’t to say we’re going to be here forever but what it does mean is that we get to forge more memories. What we may see as taking several steps back may actually be us getting ready for the next wonderful stage of our lives. Read the rest of this entry »

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I Got the Job!

I admit it, I was nervous. I was only out of work for less than a week but I was still nervous. In the past month I’d applied for over 100 jobs in anticipation of my resignation date. In that time I was getting a lot of “we regret to inform you” emails in response to my applications. With the economy still showing signs of the recession, I was fearful that I’d be out of work for some time and that I’d become very depressed. I know of people, even family, who have gone over a year without a job. I knew that I couldn’t be one of them. I was going to dig deep and find employment in breakneck speed.

Sure, starting over means paying your dues again but I’m anxious to do so. A new town, a new job and a whole new attitude. I’d been applying for everything and anything that looked interesting. I knew that I wanted a change. After working in one career for over a decade, I knew what I did and didn’t want to do. I also knew that I didn’t want a long commute. I accepted the fact that my unwillingness to drive to the big city would impact what I’d be compensated. But I also know that the quality of one’s life is more than just a paycheck.

Valentine’s Day would prove to be a lucky day. The interview that I had most been looking forward to got rescheduled due to the winter storm and I was feeling pretty sad about it. Sure, I was glad to weather the recent storm in the comfort of home but I was also anxious to get back to work. We needed the money and I also don’t like to sit idle for too long. Imagine my surprise when I got the call for a job interview that would occur on Valentine’s Day. Since both my husband and I were no longer working, we opted to spend that special day very low-key. No cards or flowers, just the two of us spending time with our close-knit family. An interview with the hope of getting the job would be the best of Valentine’s Day presents. Read the rest of this entry »


No Sense of Time

I recently took a trip to Jamaica. I still semi consider Jamaica my home as most of my family members are from Jamaica and I did spend my childhood there. With a family wedding planned it was time to make our almost yearly journey to Jamaica. Unlike most people I’m not usually overly enthused to go back home. It’s hot, air conditioning is still a luxury, and then you have to contend with island time. Island time is not restricted to Jamaica, from my experience, it’s a universal Caribbean island expression and experience.

It’s a bit sad because I too have my own sense of time. When I’m at work and I need to go home I’ll say I’ll be leaving in a ‘LaToya minute.’ That means it’ll be maybe 30 minutes to one hour later. What’s funny is that while I hate island time, it’s manifested its way into my life. Island time, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is when a set time is more like a general guideline. The wedding I attended was set to begin promptly at 4 o’clock. That meant the wedding would start closer to 5pm as 4 o’clock was when much of the wedding party was just beginning to get ready.

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If it Looks Good Don’t Eat It

In the past few days I’ve been forced to give more consideration to my mortality. Just yesterday I learned that a library director passed away at the age of 36. 36! Stress is definitely not my friend. I’m 31 yet I feel considerably older. At least it’s my assumption of what older would feel like. My body also feels as though it can ignore all rhyme and reason and eat whatever it likes at its own whim. I think that my mind and body operate independently. My mind wants to be a size 10 and my body simply laughs.

Like many I stress eat. When I’m down I throw caution to the wind and the wrong foods suddenly become my best friend. Gone too is any concern for a healthy diet. I eat what I feel like with no questions asked. Even as I see the added pounds my mental state listens only to my stomach. Today as I ate lunch I thought, why is it not possible for someone to create a product that makes healthy foods taste like the things people crave and want to eat? I’m not talking about alternatives like garden burgers. I suppose I’m talking about a spray or sauce that makes the most bland healthy items taste like filet minion. I suppose it’s possible but I’d like it to also not end up giving me cancer (as it seems everything does).
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I Heart Libraries

Tomorrow begins Library Card Sign-up Month and as a librarian I can’t help but devote some time on the topic of libraries. It has sadly become a generally accepted belief that while a community staple, libraries are becoming irrelevant and obsolete. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth as libraries have become more widely used in the past several years. Due in large part to the economic downturn, many individuals who may have long forgotten their public library are now being reminded of one of the last truly public (as in the case of public libraries) meeting place. The library is more than a repository of information and old books.

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